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Middletown 366 - 366 Years of Middletown History and Heritage

Today's item:
1929: Autos Are Death to New England Railroad

[Note: Every once in a while a significant story comes to our notice after the date for it has passed. When this happens we will post is as an EXTRA.–Editors of Middletown 366.]

We have created a link to the blog Middletown 366 - 366 Years of Middletown History and Heritage. This blog commemorates the 366 years of Middletown, Connecticut’s history, in this leap year (366 days) of 2016, by posting daily stories, photographs and other tales of Middletown and the surrounding area. The posts start on January 1, and run through December 31, 2016.

Thanks to the City of Middletown, the Middlesex County Historical Society, Russell Library, and other cultural heritage organizations for their contributions to this site, and to David Bauer for coming up with the idea of Middletown 366.


Resolution approved by the City of Middletown Common Council:

Whereas, in the year 2016, the City of Middletown will have been settled for 366 years, and

Whereas, in the leap year 2016, there will be 366 days, and

Whereas, the City of Middletown has a history and cultural heritage that its citizens and neighbors take great pride in.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved By The Common Council Of The City Of Middletown: That we express the desire that the City of Middletown support the Middletown Commission on the Arts, the many local educational, historical, and cultural entities of Middletown, and similar groups in Cromwell, Portland, Middlefield, and East Hampton, all formerly part of Middletown, in formulating and celebrating 366 Days of Middletown History and Heritage; and

Be It Further Resolved: That the City of Middletown is requested to feature the 366 Days of Middletown History and Heritage on the City’s Official Website and support its promotion on other venues throughout the greater Middletown community.

Jan 1 2016 - Dec 31 2016
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