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Oddfellows Playhouse Summer Gathering with Special Guest Joel Marsh Garland

MIDDLETOWN: On Thursday, July 14, Joel Marsh Garland, currently appearing in Orange is the New Black, will be the special guest at a summer party to benefit the scholarship fund for Oddfellows Playhouse.
The Summer Gathering is from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The afternoon will include an assortment of summer wine and cheese, chances for fun prizes, circus performances, and highlights from the 40th season at the Playhouse. The $25 admission can be paid at the door or online through the website.
Joel is an award-winning actor, a graduate of Middletown High School, and an alumni of Oddfellows Playhouse. In addition to Orange is the New Black, Joel can be seen regularly in AMC’s new series Feed The Beast.
“Oddfellows does good work and helped me a lot when I was a kid,” Joel said. “Come say ‘Hi,’ have a chat and help support this wonderful organization.”
Established in 1975, Oddfellows is Connecticut’s Oldest and largest year-round youth theater. The Playhouse offers classes and productions for young people, with a focus on theater and circus arts. For the 2015-16 season, 1,400 young people ages 3-19 attended programs held at the Playhouse and in the community.
“The Playhouse has a long-standing commitment to being open to all children,” said Interim Director Charles Frey. “Grants and donations help keep program fees affordable, but 53 percent of students need financial aid in order to participate. This summer party will help us raise funds for scholarships for the coming year. It will also give us an opportunity to look at what’s ahead for the Playhouse, including the Children’s Circus performance on July 29 and our 2016-17 season of classes and productions.”
In March, the Oddfellows Board of Directors appointed Charles Frey as Interim Executive Director. Charles, a veteran educator and administrator, rounds out a leadership team that includes Artistic Director Kristen Palmer, a teacher and playwright, who will be on hand to announce the upcoming season of plays and projects, and awarding-winning playwright Jean Ann Wertz, who is operations manager for the Playhouse.
Oddfellows Playhouse, 128 Washington Street, Middletown, CT
info@oddfellows.org 860-347-6143

Joel Marsh Garland