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Musicians Need Your Help

August 9, 2016 around 8 pm -

I'm sitting on the boardwalk at Harbor Park watching the Connecticut River slide by while listening to the wonderful music of The Afro-Semitic Experience. Two of the pivotal members of the band are Warren Byrd and Saskia Laroo. Please think long and hard while you consider the value of the music and the musicians in your life. Warren and Saskia had no insurance for all their belongings, their music, their instruments, and you can help bring some semblance of that back to them by helping with the gofundme link. Their souls are intact but they can use your help in the material world. Thanks. Stephan

From their gofundme page:
Dear Friends,

Our beloved apartment at 9 Gillett Street was burnt on June 28th while we were doing concerts in Europe.
We didn't have renters insurance. Warren's piano and practise keyboard were burnt, monitor screens, furniture and more.

We couldn't reschedule to fly back earlier than our pre-aimed date Aug 6th.
Fortunately our most precious belongings were saved in a locked-up closet but not for long.

Burglars broke into the apartment on July 27th and took Saskia's bass guitar, 2 trumpets, a precious recording microphone, speakers and other music equipment.
They left a mess on the floor with clothes and music paper with Warren's compositions and ideas.

The apartment looks like a moon landscape, full of ash, burnt things sticking out and broken walls. Also there is lots of water damage.